About me

I'm an enthusiastic and joyful person, who loves to meet new people. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara Campus. I'm passionate about fighting for the human rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and I consider myself a changemaker.


February 2021
Dynamic moving inventory

A web app that allows users to manage their inventory when moving, taking the items from a database. It also lets users create QR code labels for each box that can be scanned for a quick overview of what's inside of each box.

November 2020
AI-powered Connect Four

This project lets users play Connect Four against artificial intelligence, developed using the EasyAI library and a decision-making network built with Python.

October 2020
Song Identifier

An app that recognizes songs from microphone input, similar to Shazam. Developed with Python.

September 2020
Forum for LatAm-based Devs

Devxican is a forum for LatAm-based developers to exchange knowledge, questions, ideas, and good practices for job technical job interviews. Built with React and NodeJS.

June 2020
Spotify Dating App

MusicMatcher is a dating web app that matches people based on their musical tastes. People authenticate through their Spotify account, which allows the algorithm to match them with people nearby who enjoy similar music. Developed using React and Python.

June 2020
Boarding Simulator

This simulator allows users to analyze the different times it takes for passengers to board a flight using different strategies. Developed using Go.

May 2020
Earthquake Simulator

This other simulator also built with Go to take advantage of its parallelism features, allows a user to observe how people, represented by nodes, would evacuate a building during an earthquake in a given time frame.

May 2020
Organic Chemistry Kit

Web app design for high school teachers and students taking chemistry class, which allows students to build models of up to third-degree molecules in 3D. Built with WebGL.

April 2020
LMS Dashboard

This web-based dashboard was designed to make it easier for students to keep track of LMS notifications such as Canvas, BlackBoard, and Google Classroom. The dashboard uses each platform's API to serve notifications in one place. Developed with Javascript and Python.

January 2020
Producer-consumer Simulator

This app, built with Java, exemplifies a producer-consumer model to better understand how concurrency and parallelism work in this programming language.

August-November 2019
Chrome Extension For Talent Recruiting

WizeRecruit was an extension for Chrome to make the recruiting and candidate screening process easier for client Wizeline, as part of Tec de Monterrey's Semestre i. The extension worked by analyzing a prospect's LinkedIn profile and summarizing their skills, while also predicting if they were a good match for the company or not. Built with React and Python.

September 2019
Changemaker Day App

The Changemaker Day app allowed the attendants of Changemaker Day 2019 to have easy access to a real-time schedule of the conferences and workshops happening, as well as an interactive campus map. The Android app was built with Java, and Swift was used for the app in iOS.

May 2019
RightTime, an Android App

RighTime was an Android app developed for patients with premature ejaculation to work on overcoming their condition using an easy and discreet way. The app provided them with a set of exercises, as well as access to an advisory from an expert. Developed using Java.

April 2019
Library Manager

This app was developed using Python, the Django framework, and MongoDB to make it easier for people to manage their personal library's book inventory.

November 2018
Dog-spotting CNN

A neural network built using the TensorFlow library made with Python that can identify dogs in images and photos.

September 2018
Vapourman Videogame

Vapourman is a 2D single-player videogame developed using Unity, in which the player must solve mazes and fight against mosnters to get to the finish line.

Noteworthy Experience

Grid Dynamics
April 2022 - present

UI Software Engineer

February 2021 - December 2021

Jr. Web Developer

March 2020 - February 2021

Software Engineering Intern

March 2019 - March 2020

Web Development Intern